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Graduation Requirements

All Stuyvesant High School students beginning with the Class of 2019 must complete a minimum of the following courses between grades 9-12:

Subject Area Course Requirements Is passing a NYS Regents Exam Required? Miscellany
English 4 years, grades 9-12
  • English Regents
  • Social Studies

    2 years, grades 9-10 Global Studies

    1 year, grade 11 United States History

    1 term, grade 12 Participation in Government

    1 term, grade 12 Economics

  • Global History Regents
  • US History Regents
  • Students who completed United States History course and passed the United States History Regents examination in grade 8, do not need to repeat the United States History course.

  • Regents Living Environment
  • Regents Chemistry
  • Regents Physics
  • 1 year of Science electives
  • Living Environment Regents
  • Chemistry Regents
  • Physics Regents
  • Science Electives may be any science course except Intel Research classes.
    Mathematics 4 years of Mathematics, grades 9-12
  • Integrated Algebra Regents
  • Geometry Regents
  • Algebra II and Trigonometry Regents
  • Math Research, Math Team, and Computer Science courses do not fulfill the Math requirement. Completion of Pre-calculus or Advanced Algebra is required.
    World Languages 3 years of the same language at Stuyvesant. Regents Exam after Level 6
    A minimum of Language Level 6 must be completed.
    If students have completed 3 years of language study and passed the Regents in junior high school, they must choose a new language, complete 3 years of study, and pass the Regents in the new language
    Health and Physical Education
  • 8 terms of Physical Education
  • 1 term of Health Education
  • No Students who fail any Physical Education class must make up the class in Summer School.
    Technology Education
  • 1 term of Tech Graphic Communications TDS11
  • 1 term of Intro to Computer Science, MKS21 and either 1 term of Intro to Comp Sci 2 or 5 period Technology
  • 2 terms of Applied Learning Classes 
  • No
    Students who successfully complete participation in the Band, Orchestra or Chorus are exempted from Applied Learning.
    Students who complete a 2-pd Intel Research class and submit a paper to Intel are exempted from Applied Learning.
    Music and Fine Arts Education
  • 1 term Art Appreciation
  • 1 term Music Appreciation
  • No Students in the Band, Orchestra or Chorus (for at least two terms) are exempted from Music Appreciation.
    Miscellaneous 2 terms of Senior Electives (one course taken each term of senior year) No This requirement can be fulfilled by taking anyone credit course that is not being taken to fulfill another requirement. Intel Research classes do NOT fulfill this requirement.