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Teacher Comment Sheets



Students will ask their current teachers in person for teacher comment forms. Students should select a teacher who knows them well and can say something special about them and/or their work.

Once students receive a verbal confirmation that the teacher will fill out the form, students will then follow up with an *EMAIL to their teacher containing the blurb below, including the proper link for their specific school counselor.

Teachers will then fill out the form. Once they complete it, it will automatically be sent to the counselor for reference. THESE FORMS ARE CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS so students/parents may not see teachers’ responses.

*EMAIL: Please copy and paste the below text in the body of your email, filling out the appropriate parts with your information to give to your teacher.

Subject of email: Teacher comment form request

Dear Mr./Ms. ______________,

Thank you for verbally agreeing to fill out a teacher comment form for me. Here is all the information you need in order to fill out the online form along with the appropriate link for my counselor. I appreciate the time and effort you are putting into this form for me. Thank you again for your help.

**Note to teachers: In order to ensure that you do not receive a 'You need permission' message, please make sure that you sign out of all other Google accounts. You should only have your email active when accessing the form as that is the only email that will be allowed to fill out the form. Thank you!



Student name:
Student OSIS#:
Official Class:
Course or Activity:
Term (i.e. Fall 2016):
Link for counselor:

Links for all the counselors:

Ms. Kornhauser:
Mr. Goldsman -
Mr. Feola:
Ms. Guthrie:
Ms. Mahoney:
Ms. Brandan:
Ms. Parris:
Ms. Rhiman:
Ms. Sugarman:
Ms. Uy:
Mr. Walkes:
Ms. Yang: